This administration of the band houses the Social Development, Bookkeeping, Education, Housing, Central Filing/Receptionist, Management of XGFNG, Band Hall and Chief & Council. These are the services that can be found within the Xeni Gwet’in Band Office.

Under the XGFNG there is also the Tourism Department. XGFNG has a visitor info centre located next to gas station, where they provide info on local tourism and info needed by tourists.

Phyllis William, Band Manager

Phyllis is responsible for all the staff of the XGFNG, policy administration, band membership, additional projects set forward by leadership and running XGFNG sponsored events.

Annie S. William, Bookkeeper

Annie is responsible for all financial activities of the organization. Her duties include bookkeeping, financing and payroll.

Brenda Lulua, Receptionist/Central Filing

Brenda is responsible for the general front desk office duties. Also she is responsible to handle all the filing of documents held at the band office.

David Setah, Ts’il?os Park & Wild Horse Range

David is responsible for watching the Ts’il?os Park to ensure it is being utilized by guests appropriately.

Bruce Lulua, Recreation Site Caretaker

Bruce is responsible for looking after the recreation sites in the Xeni area and collecting any camping fees that are due.