The Xeni Gwet’in Enterprise (XGE) is the business arm of the Xeni Gwet’in First Nations Government in Nemiah Valley.  The XGE handles infrastructure and community assets installation and maintenance within the Valley and performs contract services to companies and entities outside of the Valley.

The XGE has the following divisions:

         -Water and Sewer
         -Village Maintenance
         -Gas & Laundry
         -Vehicle Maintenance
         -Environmental Monitoring

The mission statement of the XGE is to support the Xeni Gwet’in People with profitable business through economic development via infrastructure establishment, outside contracting and employment of Community members. It is with this effort that XGE strives to provide opportunity and modern advancement while maintaining cultural values along with a sustainable work environment.

Our Vision
Xeni Gwet’in Enterprises works towards self-sufficiency by preserving our values of tradition and culture by developing self sustaining partnership ensuring sustainability.

Our Mission
Xeni Gwet’in Enterprises will provide the highest possible sustainable goods and services to the Xeni Gwet’in frist Nations community and its’ members.
Traditional laws will govern the planning, administration and construction of self-sufficient projects in the area of economic development, O & M, and capital in order achieve its vision within the next 20 years.

Rena Lulua, Bookkeeper

Rena is responsible for the financial activities of the XGE.

Bonnie Myers, Receptionist

Bonnie provides front desk clerical office duties.

James William, Village Maintenance

James is responsible for the building maintenance of all the band buildings and the community. He also administers water samples in the community.

Marcus William, Village Maintenance Assistant

Marcus assists James in his daily activities.

Heavy Duty Mechanic/Foreman

Heavy Duty Mechanic/Foreman is responsible for maintaining the machinery of the XGE. He also does general mechanic work of the community members’ vehicles.

Graceann Lulua & Wade Combs, Grader Operator

Graceann & Wade grade the road in and out of the Nemiah Valley and helps to maintain the community roads and driveways.

Gas Station Attendants

Edmund, Leona and Sonia work as gas attendants who assist members and visitors to fill gas and propane and manage the store.

Dennis Hunlin, Janitor

Dennis is responsible for the janitorial duties of the XGE and XGFNG offices.

Hollister Harastad, Community Garbage Collector

Hollister is responsible for picking up all the garbage in the community boxes.