Respect for the Legend of Ts'il?os

The first thing people should be aware of when visiting Xeni is that you should not point at Ts’il?os or his wife ?Eniyud. This would bring bad luck to the person who pointed. The people of the area also consider it disrespectful to point at people.

Respect for the Land and Waters

The people of Xeni appreciate outside visitors to be considerate of the land and waters of the area.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. No littering;
  2. No use of off road vehicles in the park and territory in the Xeni Gwet'in's caretaker area.
  3. If you plan to tour the land contact the Xeni Gwet'in Visitor Info Centre (INCLUDE LINK) to book a guided, non-mechanized tour. Please respect the privacy of our communities and do not travel off road, across residential properties or disturb old homesteads and equipment. Mechanized and off-road vehicles are restricted to designated roads only – prior to visiting please consult with Xeni Gwet'in or check the website for up-to-date information;
  4. No cutting trails or clearing roads;
  5. Leave all gates as you find them; and
  6. Backcountry hikers and backpackers should only use established routes and local guides.

Please refer to to read about more requirements for etiquette around the Xeni Gwet’in Care Taker area.