departments - health


The Health Department is called ?Eniyud Health Services (?EHS). The ?Eniyud Health Department hosts basic medical services for the Xeni Gwet’in people as well as offers additional services in massage therapy, counseling and traditional medicine.

The Daycare/Immersion building is also a part of the ?Eniyud Health Services. This program operates day care services and Tsilhqot’in Immersion teachings.

The Youth and Elders Center is also a part of the ?Eniyud Health Services. The center is a location where youth and Elders can interact, to teach and learn.  

Our Vision
?Eniyud Health will respectfully work towards honoring the future generations by ensuring their ability to practice traditional and modern medicine that is self governed and self maintained as well as access to healthy water, fitness, traditional foods, cultural activities and spiritual healing.

Our Mission
?Eniyud Helath services will promote culturally oriented programs and service delivery to Xeni Gwet’in members in collaboration with Charlene Williams Daycare to ensure traditional medicinal education services and nurture ongoing development of traditional medicinal and healing practices.

Dianne E. Lulua, Finance Officer

The Finance Officer is responsible for maintaining financial, accounting, administrative and
personnel services.

Nancy Lulua, Finance Officer Assistant

Assists the Finance officer with maintaining financial, accounting, administrative and personnel services.

Catherine Haller, N.N.A.D.P Worker

Catherine is responsible for providing confidential addictions counselling, education and support to individuals, families and the community and for promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choices.

Maryann Solomon, Traditional Coordinator

Maryann is responsible for working on traditional use information of Xeni Gwet’in. She works with the Elders and organizes their events and meetings.

Betty Lulua, Diabetes/Home Support Worker

Betty is responsible for the home support workers who look after the Elders in their homes throughout the week.

Dorrine Lulua, Laura Setah & Lenny Billy, Home Support Worker

Dorrine, Laura and Lenny are responsible for providing care to elders and others who require care and resources in their homes.

Inez Setah, Community Health Representative

Inez is responsible for the healthcare of the community. She arranges the travel to and from appointments that the members require, especially Elders. Illa also accompanies the nurse in the office and on home visits as a guide around the valley. She is a translator for those that speak mostly Tsilhqot’in.

Sarah Goddard, Nurse

Sarah is responsible for providing and overseeing home care and public health services, treatment and emergency care services, and crisis management.

April William, ?EHS Receptionist

April provides front desk clerical office duties.

Sylvie Quilt, Janitor

Sylvie is responsible for the janitorial duties in the ?EHS.

Special Contracts:

Tracy Tanis, Massage Therapist

Tracy is in the office to handle appointments and gives her clients massages.

Sophia Schneider

Sophia comes to the office once a week for counseling services.