The Tsilhqot'in have many legends of the land in which the people have occupied. The most well-known legend of this area often told to visitors is about the "Legend of Ts'il?os"(Mount Tatlow):


Ts'il?os was once a man who lived with his family in the area of Xeni above Xeni Biny (Konni Lake). One day he and his wife separated and each kept three children. His wife ?Eniyud moved over to Tatlayoko Valley while he remained in the same area. At that point Ts'il?os and his children turned into a mountain above Xeni Biny and his wife ?Eniyud turned into the mountain that is along the lake of the Tatlayoko Valley.


This is a brief section of the whole story; we encourage those who are interested in hearing the full story to come visit our valley and ask about the story. The story symbolizes the need to be respectful to the land.

We ask that visitors do not point at Ts'il?os or his wife ?Eniyud
because if you do so you will have bad luck in your travels.