nenduwh jid guzitin declaration (nemiah declaration)


Let it be known that:

Within the Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve:

  1. There shall be no commercial logging. Only local cutting of trees for our own needs. i.e.firewood, housing, fencing, native uses, etc.
  2. There shall be no mining or mining explorations.
  3. There shall be no commercial road building.
  4. All terrain vehicles and skidoos shall only be permitted for trapping purposes.
  5. There shall be no flooding or dam construction on Chilko, Taseko, and Tatlayoko Lakes.
  6. This is the spiritual and economic homeland of our people. We will continue in perpetuity:
    1. To have and exercise our traditional rights of hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, and natural resources.
    2. To carry on our traditional ranching way of life.
    3. To practice our traditional native medicine, religion, sacred, and spiritual ways.
  7. That we are prepared to SHARE our Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve with non-natives in the following ways:
    1. With our permission visitors may come and view and photograph our beautiful land.
    2. We will issue permits, subject to our conservation rules, for hunting and fishing within our Preserve.
    3. The respectful use of our Preserve by canoeists, hikers, light campers, and other visitors is encouraged subject to our system of permits.
  8. We are prepared to enforce and defend our Aboriginal rights in any way we are able.